Real Time Fraud Detection using Apache Storm and RabbitMQ

In this post we are going to discuss building a real time solution for fraud detection in mobile ads. There are two phases to Real Time fraud detection Phase 1: Involves capturing and ingestion of real time event stream processed via RabbitMQ that act as the live stream. Phase 2: Uses prediction model on the live stream and detect fraud via Apache Storm Streaming data ingestion:  Rabbit MQ is a messaging broker . It gives your applications a common platform to send and receive messages. Refer the link for features provided by RabbitMQ. All global events are captured and ingested into RabbitMQ as a message which forms the input stream to Apache Storm. Apache Storm: Businesses are moving from large-scale batch data analysis to large-scale real-time data analysis. Apache…
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POKKT announces the launch of a first-of-its kind technology revolutionizing ad-viewing for brands and consumers

Mumbai: POKKT, Asia’s leading rewarded video ad network co-founded by Rohit Sharma, Manish Tewari and Vaibhav Odhekar, is creating and setting industry benchmarks again with the launch of their cutting edge technology that promises to transform the functioning of the ad-tech industry. With this in-house technology, a first of its kind in the region, brands will be able to pay only for viewable impressions through tracking sensors in real time that will observe if the user is watching the video or not, thereby negating misleading or fraud traffic numbers. Launched in 2012, POKKT enables over 500 global and local game publishers and developers to monetize their apps through branded video ads by integrating their Software Development Kits (SDKs) and has a reach of over 100 million unique users in the…
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