Pokkt Releases Enhanced Frequency & Recency Capping for Campaign Management

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Pokkt always had basic frequency capping capabilities in terms of daily capping, over all campaign limits etc, which did serve the purpose but lacked fine grained control over pacing of advertiser campaigns. To facilitate more control over impression delivery, Pokkt has introduced capping capabilities under two new heads, namely, Frequency Capping and Recency Capping. Frequency represents number of times a creative can be shown to a particular user for a given period e.g. 1 view per day, 3 views per month etc. Recency in turn lets advertiser control, the interval between two subsequent impressions, at which the user is shown the creative e.g. any two impression for a user must have 3 hours gap etc. For both recency and frequency we have varying degree of time granularity from hourly to daily to monthly, which lets advertiser plan the campaign pacing with exact delivery pattern.

A powerful feature like this results in optimum campaign delivery for advertiser with least impression leakage. Our daily campaign report combined with this gives the advertiser all the tools for constant adjustment of campaign delivery. Another thing of note is that advertisers may find a scenario where these capping may be at conflict e.g. you can have a daily cap of 5 impressions also with required gap of 8 hours between two impression which will result in only 3 impressions per day effectively for the user. In such scenarios Pokkt has rules to err on the side of caution and will try to impose all restrictions applicable.

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