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Pokkt has just launched server side header bidding feature for it’s SDK publishers. SDk publishers always have the issues of not getting 100% fill for their inventory and often SDK Vendors and publishers try to solve this problem using mediation. In mediation host SDK wirtes adapters for other SDKs available in market and typically a waterfall is followed by publishers to try to fill the unsold inventory. Mediation while works in theory has some serious implementation problems.

Publisher need to co-ordinate the integration between all SDK platforms for every release which leads to brittle builds as same level of QA is not possible and is often a rush job.Mediation also does not solve the problem of realeasing a new demand channel to older releases.Server side header bidding by Pokkt tries to solve all these problems while making sure that there are no changes required in SDK integration for publisher and even older builds continue to work seemlessly and benefit from it.

Pokkt supports all versions of OpenRTB protocol, using which it can accept demand from other SDK partners a publishers may have. To make use of this header bidding feture only requirement is that all publisher partner support/handle at least one vesion of Open RTB protocol. Using OpenRTB as soon as Pokkt will recieve an ad request at it’s servers, it will for parallel RTB requests to al publisher partners and will select the highest bidder for the publisher inventory which might not be Pokkt itself. Pokkt while providing this feature not only solves the unfilled/low filled inventory problem but also gets the publisher the best possible value for it’s request. It’s an excellent enabler for Pokkt SDK publisher to maximize their inventory converion and once again highlights Pokkt’s commitment to put publisher’s interest at forefront.

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