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The end user has the tendency to quickly lose interest in repetitive items. Video ads are amongst the items affected by this tendency. Watching the same video-ads again and again make them less and less effective. Most of the time a user watches or interacts with such an ad just because it is the only option for him. Industry has been finding ways by which it can increase brand awareness by engaging the end user every way possible. They want their ads to leave a pleasant and memorable affect on the user who watches it.

Pokkt has been trying to come up with various solutions to increase user’s awareness towards a brand. In its efforts towards this direction, Pokkt had introduced support for 360 or VR Video ads sometime back via its SDK. Now Pokkt has launched support for “Haptic Videos” with the release of their latest SDK ( version 6.2.1 ). In a nutshell, a haptic video uses the haptic feedbacks to provide a more engaging experience.

Let us quickly try to understand what is a Haptic Feedback before we proceed further. As per definitions available online, it is the “use of the sense of touch”. In context of a mobile device, the device vibrates slightly to provide a (haptic) response for a particular activity.

By orchestrating these responses along with a video being played, we can come up an experience for the user where he is more welcoming towards an ad. This can result in a way better brand awareness. Pokkt is using a technique where the haptic data can be fed along with the videos-ads. The SDK later combine this data while playing the video to produce haptic effects. The overall process is pretty straight forward. The effect can be added to already available ads without altering it.

The bottom line here is that one should feel the ad, not just watch it. Providing better user engagement is and will always be the major driving factor. Pokkt will continue to come up with innovative ideas such as this. Stay Tuned!

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