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Pokkt has announced a new feature called “Custom Interstitial Frames” with the update of Pokkt SDK version 6.1. This functionality allows the developers to personalize interstitial ads being served by Pokkt SDK. This feature is limited to their individual apps and games. With this feature, the developers will be able to personalize interstitial ad-containers to match the look and feel of their app/game. This further can enable them to provide their app/game theme specific experience for the end users. This will be a refreshing experience over the conventional way, where the ad-containers looks out of sync from their host app or games. Pokkt uses the standard “9-Slicing” calculations to apply the frames around ad-container.

Pokkt further stated that the overall process of adding custom frames is very straightforward. The developers are required to provide compatible frames with its 9-slicing and padding data, along with an optional art for the close button. All of these resources are typical PNG images. This process is controlled by Pokkt Admins and the developers can request for any changing of frames whenever they want to update it. They will not have to release new app updates just for this. The detailed guidelines are provided in Pokkt’s website.

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