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Pokkt has confirmed the release of Pokkt SDK Plugin for Unreal Engine v4.15 for Android and iOS platforms. Pokkt has said that their plugin for UE4 has mediation supports for 14 different ad-networks pre-built into it. The plugin supports Video Ads and Interstitials. Support for Banner-Ads is in the development and will be released soon. The plugin has made the SDK functionalities available via UE’s “Blueprints Visual Scripting”. A pure blueprint based plugin is in development where the developers will have a simpler integration process without the need of building the plugin.

Pokkt also mentioned that by using their plugin, developers will have the option to use mediations for various ad-networks. Once the developers have installed the plugin, they can enable/disable different ad-networks. This is a 2-Step process where they are required to enable or disable ad-networks on their Pokkt Dashboard, then they will have to tweak the entries on Plugin files. The detailed guidelines are provided in Pokkt’s website. Currently, the mediation support is limited to Android platform, support for iOS mediation is in developments.

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