POKKT enters realm of VR Advertising, offers 360 Video Playback with its latest SDK release.

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POKKT, a mobile video advertising platform in India and South East Asia, has launched support for 360-degree Videos ads. With this POKKT has entered the emerging market of VR Ads. This will be made available with the POKKT’s new SDK (version 6.0). This cutting edge technology enables advertisers to engage the end users with ads which provide VR experience. 360 videos are immersive and give the end user the feel that they are the part of it and they can interact with the content.


POKKT has gone a step ahead and have introduced support for interactive “Hotspots” objects inside these 360-degree videos. These hotspots enables the advertisers to link any external resources inside any 360 video. For example, these hotspots can contain website-links to the related product being advertise, or they can open the store link to the related app. Technically speaking, a Hotspot is an image/icon which can contain a click-thru-action. Advertisers can provide these images/icons and external links relevant to the product. The end-user can tap/click these hotspots, the associated link will open externally.

POKKT has confirmed that there is no additional plugin or components required for the publishers to enable it. This has been made available with the same SDK they distribute. They only have to use POKKT’s latest SDK (version 6).

360 Video Ads bring a curiosity factor and provide a fresh way of interacting with the end user. Advertisers can use this opportunity to draw attention to their products and the publishers can use this as additional revenue generation opportunity for the hard work they put. The end user is left with an immersive and curious experience which he will definitely enjoy.

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