POKKT’s new SDK brings “In Game Branding” to games

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POKKT has announced its foray into the growing market of in-game branding with its latest SDK (version 6.0). POKKT is a mobile video advertising platform in India and South East Asia. In Game Ads or Branding brings a radical way of monetising opportunity specially to the game developers/publishers. And for the advertisers, it introduces a new way to engage the end users and to inform them about their product.

The idea behind this is to utilise the various in-game elements. These elements can be the props, items or decals inside a game world which, in most cases, does not interact with the gameplay directly. This judgement is left to the developer/publishers in which they decide what are the elements they want for branding purposes. POKKT has emphasised on the fact that their In-Game Ads are “least intrusive” and very simple for the developer to integrate with. As POKKT claims, a developer will be able to integrate this only 3 lines of code. The developers retains the complete control over the in-game elements they want to use for branding.

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